Our company offers a wide range of services, ensuring that our clients always find the type of service he/she needs. Our specialized mechanics adheres to the highest level standards and professionalism.


Check engine light on? Don’t think you have to go to the dealer for repairs. We have the latest computer diagnostic equipment and training necessary to diagnose a problem, get it fixed and that engine light off your dash!


We can handle all aspects of your drive line care and maintenance from clutch replacement to transmission work, driveshaft repairs, and differential replacement.


Brakes out of adjustment is one of the top Out-of-Service issues. Our technicians are trained in both hydraulic and air brake repairs, whether it be a brake alignment issue, brake chamber replacement, air valve problem, air governor problem, brakes locked up on your truck or trailer, or a complete brake overhaul.


Don’t let a cooling system failure leave you on the side of the road. We can inspect your radiator, belts, and water pump and provide all needed repairs. Our certified and trained technicians will use our state of the art equipment to repair and recharge your air conditioning system to keep you cool on these hot days


Our business provides quality services on the spot. In addition to truck repairs and services, our business provides great workmanship for your heavy-duty trucks wherever it is in Ghana. We’ll travel to your construction and mining sites to service all your MAN Diesel makes and models! Contact us for mobile truck repairs, trailer repairs, and welding services.


There’s nothing worse than trying to get your trucks out of the yard in the morning, with a full day’s work, only to encounter a dead battery, starter, and alternator problem. Let us help! We keep a full line of these parts in stock so we can get your truck going as quickly as possible.


Preventative Maintenance Service (PM Service) is an important key to the longevity and health of your truck. Grease and oil leaks, non-working headlamps, tail lamps and turn signals, and missing or defective lighting such as retro-reflective striping or projecting lighting such as rotating beacons on oversize loads are some of the top violations. Whether it’s a PM Service or prepping your truck, our mechanics/technicians will inspect your truck to identify problems


When you have an engine problem, call on us to diagnose and repair any issues. From turbos to injectors etc., we can help with any component failure you may experience.

Our Other Services

  • Truck Diagnostics
  • Service Advice
  • 24/7 support services
  • Body Repairs/Spraying
  • Spare parts sale
  • Brake Repairs
  • Suspension
  • Body Works/Spraying Works
  • Clutch, Transmission and Driveline
  • Oil, Lube and Filter as well as complete truck and trailer greasing.
  • Trailer repair/maintenance
  • Safety inspections
  • Driver Training
  • Cooling and Air Conditioning