About Us

At Fleet Tech Automotive

We make your trucks stand bolder

Fleet Tech Automotive is a wholly Ghanaian Company with over 10 years’ experience in Diagnostics, Servicing, Maintenance and Repair of MAN Diesel Trucks. We have maintained a tradition of excellence in service, grown an enthusiastic team of expert technicians/electricians/mechanics, and enjoyed long-term and loyal customer partnerships.

We have a dedicated team with over 30 years’ of combined experience in the Repair and Maintenance of MAN/DAF Trucks and have the capacity to provide our clients with exceptional services.

When you’ve invested in making sure your truck or trailer stays in great working order for years to come, you need knowledge and skill you can count on. Our highly trained technicians are dedicated to maintaining and servicing your trucks so you can get the most miles out of your purchase. We know that you have a destination and a deadline, and we will help keep your truck and trailer moving.


Providing total service support for MAN trucks in a professional and accessible manner.


To be the one stop shop for your MAN truck needs in Ghana and across the West African Sub Region.

Our values